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          Ame Lambert named 澳门兰桂坊赌场’s VP for Global Diversity and Inclusion
          Author: University Communications
          Posted: May 4, 2020
           Portland State University is pleased to announce the hiring of Dr. Ame Lambert as Vice President for Global Diversity and Inclusion. Lambert will begin in late August.

          Lambert joins 澳门兰桂坊赌场 from Roger Williams University in Rhode Island, where she serves as the vice president for equity and inclusion and chief diversity officer, ensuring equity is embedded into all university operations. Lambert’s goal is to close the gap between potential and thriving for students and the university as a whole.

          "We are thrilled to have Ame Lambert join us to lead our efforts to promote diversity, inclusion and equity at Portland State,” says Interim President Stephen Percy. “In her previous higher education positions, Dr. Lambert has achieved measurable results in the areas of retention and success for both students, faculty and staff — all high priorities for 澳门兰桂坊赌场." 

          Lambert will report to the 澳门兰桂坊赌场 President in her new role as the senior officer responsible for the important work of promoting diversity, equity and inclusion across the campus and in the greater community through strategic planning, collaboration and innovation. 

          Lambert previously worked at Champlain College serving as its inaugural chief diversity officer and she’s spent the last decade prioritizing student success, supporting students and employees who have been marginalized by society and driving change for equity and inclusion.  

          Her work includes designing and facilitating the Institute for New Chief Diversity Officers at the National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education annual conference. Lambert believes the answer to complex human challenges is often “and/and” instead of “either/or.”

          “Portland State University's Motto ‘Let Knowledge Serve’ is one that called to me and drew me in from the beginning,” Lambert says. “While Roger Williams University and 澳门兰桂坊赌场 appear to be very different institutions, there are core similarities: They both share a deep commitment to equity, community engagement and solving urgent and pressing problems that strengthen the communities they are in.”

          She adds that she’s delighted to begin at 澳门兰桂坊赌场 and partner with partners both internally and externally to make possibilities a reality.

          “As we all navigate uncharted territory, 澳门兰桂坊赌场's innovative spirit will be an indispensable asset to the work that lies ahead,” Lambert says. “I am incredibly grateful to Julie Caron for her dedicated and compassionate leadership of the division as interim vice president, and I look forward to working with the team to amplify our impact.”

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